Lots of our customers are trying a doll for the first time and there can be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to properly handling a doll.  The last thing we want is for a doll to get damaged and require a deduction from your security deposit, so we put together some helpful do’s and don’ts:

  1. PACK AND UNPACK THE DOLL CARFEULLY.  Please take a look at how the doll is packed in the travel case and make sure you repack it exactly the same way.  The head is at the top (handle side), feet at the bottom (wheel side).  It’s on its back with the legs spread and touching the bottom of the case for support.  It is completely wrapped in the blanket to protect the skin from rubbing against the case, and the safety straps are both tightened.  Damage can happen in transit if the doll is not properly and securely packed, so please be mindful.
  2. NEVER PUT THE DOLL ON THE FLOOR.  No matter how clean you think your floor is, the doll will get very dirty and likely damaged.  Always keep the doll in one of two places:  Either a clean bed or in the doll carrying case (wrapped in its blanket).  Please do not stand the doll on the floor either, even if it comes with standing feet.
  3. LIMIT HOW MUCH YOU MOVE THE DOLL Many first time customers try to do too much with the doll, in terms of changing positions and maneuvering it.  Our advice is to carefully place the doll in the position you prefer (for example missionary which is the best and easiest, or doggie, etc.) and then enjoy the doll in that position.  If you want to try a new position, stop, carefully reposition the doll and then start again in that position.  If you try to change positions in the middle of using it, you will get frustrated and likely damage the doll.  Remember that dolls do not move fluidly like a person, they move “robotically” as you position one joint at a time.  Please take your time and don’t rush.
  4. WATCH THE HANDS AND FACE Most of the damage we see occurs to the hands and face.  The hands and fingers are delicate and are not meant to support the doll’s weight in any position.  They can be easily bent and twisted and, in some cases, twisted so severely that a wire punctures the skin.  The face is also delicate, with makeup and eyelashes, so we recommend that rental customers do not use the face.  You can get the same sensation from either the pussy or the ass, and there will be much less chance of damaging the doll and risking your deposit.
  5. DO NOT DRESS THE DOLL IN DARK COLORS OR PLACE IT IN CONTACT WITH DARK OBJECTS Dark colors can quickly and permanently stain a doll.  All of our lingerie is white (or other light colors).  Occasionally we have rental customers that like to use their own outfits – we discourage this but if you do insist on it please use light colors only.  We have also seen dolls stained from laying on very dark sheets and comforters or from sitting on dark furniture (see rule #2).

We want our customers to enjoy their rental and use the dolls responsibly, because no one likes to lose a security deposit.  These helpful rules will make sure you have a great time and the doll comes back undamaged.  If you have any questions, please text us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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