Frequently Asked Questions

Satisfy Your Curiosity

Is it private?

Yes, it's fully private.  I only take one person at a time by appointment, for just that reason.  I have private parking in the back, too.  Whether buying or renting, the experience is low key and relaxed.  I'll be the only one there, I'll answer any questions and you'll have the place to yourself.  Don't stress.

Why should I buy from you?

Unlike online-only retailers, I have an actual store.  This means you can see your doll before you buy it, ask me questions, and be completely comfortable with what you're buying.  Online buying is always a risk.  Plus, there's no waiting with me, you can get your doll right away if she's in stock.  I've been in business since 2017 and I have a great reputation because I want to satisfy my customers 100%.  Just check out my Google reviews!

Why should I rent from you?

Not every guy has the funds or the storage space for his own doll, so I offer rentals.  It's an easy way to experience a doll, whether it's your first time and you're just curious, or maybe you have a significant other or a roommate and this is a convenient way to relieve some stress on the side.  You can just show up and rent here by the hour in full privacy, or you can pick one up and take it home for a longer rental. 

The dolls are thoroughly cleaned, every time.  Unlike an escort, it's also legal, safe and there's no risk of an unpleasant experience, an STD or a bad attitude.  Who knows, you may find it's even better than a real woman.

What's the difference between "incall" and "outcall" rental?

Incall rental means that you rent the doll here at our place.  It's clean, comfortable and fully private - we only take one person (or couple) at a time for privacy.  We also have private parking in the rear of the building.  Everything you need is supplied.  All you have to do is show up, enjoy the doll in private and leave when you're done.  Super convenient.

Outcall rental means you either pick up the doll and take it with you, or arrange to have one delivered to you.  The doll comes in a plain, black golf travel case with wheels, so it looks like a set of golf clubs.  You can pick up and drop off in our private rear parking area, or you can arrange for delivery (Uber is usually the best option).  FYI - the dolls are heavy, so if you're not physically strong you should do incall.  Large dolls (like Gretchen) are not available for outcall because they are too big for the travel case.  A security deposit is also required for outcalls, to make sure the doll is returned undamaged (no security deposit for incalls).

What is incall like?

Our facility is private, clean and comfortable. It has a bedroom area with a bed, where the doll will be placed in the position you prefer (doggie or missionary), and also a TV with porn available.  Lube and condoms are supplied, although you are welcome to bring your own and any drinks or refreshments.

When you arrive, please park in the back parking lot for privacy.  You'll be met by Josh, the owner, or a staff member who will take you inside, answer any questions and then leave you alone in full privacy.  It's a very low-key and stress-free experience, so don't be nervous at all.  Just book your appointment, show up, have some fun and then head out when you're done.

How do I schedule a rental appointment?

You can either book through our online calendaring system and pay by credit card, or text/call us at 310-596-5587 and arrange to pay by cash, zelle, venmo or crypto.

Outcall rentals need to be scheduled by text/call only, because the rate will depend on the length of the rental and other factors.

I found the "same doll" cheaper online, will you price match?

Unfortunately, you didn't find the same doll online you just found the same PICTURE, and anybody can copy a picture and paste it on a website.  But that doesn't mean the doll you receive will be genuine.  It may be a knockoff with poor quality, it may arrive with defects or damage, it may be smaller than advertised and it will always take time to ship.  With me, you know exactly what you're getting - a genuine doll from a top quality manufacturer with a real person standing behind it.  Plus you can pick it up immediately if it's in stock, with no waiting.  You can't get that type of service online (or anywhere else other than my shop).

What payments do you take? Do you take cash?

We take credit card through the website, and also Zelle, Venmo, crypto and cash.  To pay with Zelle, Venmo, crypto or cash please make an appointment by call/text to 310-596-5587.

Yes, cash is always accepted and privacy is always respected.

How are rental and pre-owned dolls cleaned?

We thoroughly clean every doll inside and out with antibacterial soap and the holes with additional hydrogen peroxide and UV light sanitation.  Cleanliness is our #1 priority.

Do you take couples?

Yes.  For buying a doll, feel free to bring anyone you want.  For renting a doll,   M/F couples are no extra charge.  M/M couples are plus $100 for the additional person, plus a $100 deposit refunded after the rental if the doll is undamaged and treated well.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, through a third party called Klarna.  Add the doll to your cart and when you checkout, select Klarna as your payment option.  You'll be taken to their site and you can complete the purchase there.