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Customer Reviews

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Joker Klown
Joker Klown
The owner was very friendly and professional and super helpful. I would recommend other's to definitely check out his inventory of girls!
Ashton Salazar
Ashton Salazar
First time experience. Dolls where better than I expected. Place was clean and well kept. The owner is nice and makes the process smooth and easy
When You're Awesome
When You're Awesome
Amazing experience! These guys have great customer service and great prices. I would highly recommend!
Raymond Gonzalez
Raymond Gonzalez
For those who have been contemplating doing it. Go for it. You will be surprised. For those who think it is weird, experience it. It will change your perspective. The owner is extremely knowledgeable about his products. I have rented multiple times from this unique experience and I am always surprised of how realistic and awesome these dolls are. The technology of dolls are still primitive in my opinion. They will only get better. By supporting this small business and introducing this special product to many people, it will only make these dolls even better. The rental process is very simple. Text the number on the site what time and doll you would like. Confirm your time with a small deposit, and show up. You will be greeted by a very respectful, non judgmental and kind man who will give you the run down of how to treat the doll. Leaves you in the building alone and you have the place for an hour to experience the doll and all it’s glory. I see nothing but opportunity and growth for this industry. I literally drive an hour to come here and let off some steam from my busy and demanding life.
into panties
into panties
Owner, Josh was super cool, had everything setup upon my arrival, explained everything, great first time experience with anything like this. Will definitely make another visit.
Anno Rath
Anno Rath
I came across Vivant Dolls while searching for the 163cm doll known as Gretchen. Seeing the price and how close the shop was, I decided to pay a visit after work. I texted Josh and we worked out a time for me to visit and see the doll. The area made me nervous initially, but Josh was friendly and willing to answer all my questions about the doll. I resolved to purchase it on Monday. After a root canal and a long drive to get everything in order, I came out to purchase the doll from Josh. Everything went smoothly and he even gave me a link to his blog and some other materials to help. I bought a heavy duty dolly to get her up three flights of stairs. I wound up carrying her myself - at 107 lbs or so, this is no mean feat - and played with her a bit that night. There's so much to do! Thanks for your service!
Jordan L
Jordan L
Definitely a fun experience! I rented Renee for an overnight. I was really nervous because I've never done anything like this before but the owner is extremely friendly which was really disarming and put me at ease. After a quick rundown of how things work, I was able to take Renee with me. The dolls come in a discreet carrying case so don't worry about feeling self conscious transferring them around. The shop and rental space is really clean and I can't wait to go in and rent the larger, super realistic one. The whole process was easy and discreet and I highly recommend checking this place out. I'll probably be purchasing one of my own after this experience!
j mav
j mav
Had a very wonderful time here. Purchased a Kamala Harris lookalike doll and I cannot stop having fun with it!
Davis Kim
Davis Kim
If you’re on the edge about it, so was I, I kid you not I looked at every Google review but eventually decided to go to for the rental process, and it literally is what you expect it to be with no hassle or awkwardness. Josh made it a really easy-going process, would definitely recommend.
Juan Flores-Mendez
Juan Flores-Mendez
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