Sex Dolls: Are They Safe For Humans?

The online Sex Doll Industry has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years. From being taboo or stigma at the beginning (and people feeling afraid of talking about them in public), sales have increased worldwide and social acceptance is now a reality.


Quality, material and design are the three basic safety considerations you should be aware of. Of course, buying from us, you will get them all. If you are planning to buy from another seller, please check who they are. As we have said before, we are the world’s first rental service, so we know what we are doing. We thoroughly deep clean each doll with antibacterial soap and water, both inside and out, before and after every rental. We never rent a doll unless it is thoroughly clean and dry. At a minimum, every doll is quarantined for a 24-hour period after a rental.  We also promote only the finest quality TPE sex dolls for sale on the market today, at a reasonable price.



Our high-quality dolls are made from  thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This is a very high-quality hypo allergic material that will not cause you any irritation, is easy to clean and disinfect, and is incredibly soft and similar to real human skin.  We have found that it looks and feels much better than old-school silicone. The metal skeleton is fully padded with TPE to avoid any kind of injury. All these features are designed to produce very safe products fit for human use.


Sex Dolls benefits are increasingly recognized by the public. Some of the most prominent are:


– They are the perfect alternative to human relationships.

– For people who experienced bad human relationships, this is a really good way to restore confidence.

– They are a very good way to avoid cheating on your partner.

– Sex Dolls are submissive and they always ready for you. Silence sometimes is much appreciated.

– They can work very well for people who lost a human partner andf are lonely or uninterested in the dating scene.

– Unlike humans, dolls are 100% free from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) .

– You have a lot  of choices, from height and weight to body style, face, hair and outfits. Everything could be combined to meet your expectations and create your fantasy woman.

– You don’t need to spend money on dinners, presents, or anything a human partner would need.


Anecdote: in the 1990’s, Howard Stern had sex with a Sex Doll live on air. This gave Sex Dolls a lot of popularity and acceptance.

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