Sex Dolls: Are They Legal In The USA?


Here at Vivant Dolls, we can guarantee that all of our sex dolls online are completely legal to buy or rent. We always keep customer safety in mind and we would never put you (or us) in risk of legal trouble. In fact, sex dolls are legal in the USA with the only possible exception of “child” sex dolls, which we would never offer anyway. This is why we strongly recommend buying (or renting, remember that we are the world’s first rental service!) sex dolls from us or any prestigious seller.  

In case you’re not clear, this is not an escort service in disguise or a form of prostitution – it’s simply a high-quality sex doll available for purchase or rental.  Sex dolls are legal items.  In fact, they even have sex doll brothels in Europe and Asia!  Now we offer Americans the chance to experience sex dolls in the privacy of their own home or lodging. 


We take privacy very seriously. When you decide to rent a used sex doll for sale, we will deliver her directly to you in a discrete container that looks like luggage or maybe a set of golf clubs. Our delivery drivers will respect your privacy, your neighbors, and your rules.  We can drop her off at your curb, set her up in your house or anything in between and we will do so quickly and professionally.  We can even leave the doll in a secure location if you prefer not to meet our driver in person for privacy reasons. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to pick her up yourself, that can be arranged too. If you decide to buy one, we will also pack and deliver her in a very discrete way. No one will know what’s inside. 

We are a reputable business owned and operated by local Los Angeles residents. We run our business on Shopify, which has all of our information.  If we don’t deliver for any reason, we will refund you or you will simply chargeback your credit card, which costs us time and money.  We’re legit.

 When Sex Dolls first were introduced into the market, they were considered as “Taboo”. Now, they are more popular every day and users realize their benefits and sometimes therapeutic use. You will love their submissiveness, flexibility and the pleasure they are always ready to give you.

If you are considering buying one of our amazing Sex Dolls for sale, please check our catalog. Maybe you should try one and call our rental service. They meet very rigorous cleaning and safety standards. You can chat with us and our professional team will be glad to help you with any question you have.

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