Our Dolls on TV

Our Vivant dolls are popular with photographers and content producers, whether as the main feature in a scene centered around sex dolls or simply as extras or added ambience.  Our creative clients have all praised the quality of our dolls and our professionalism in terms of logistics, flexibility and being available to answer any and all questions.  

Our Vivant dolls have been featured in numerous television shows and movies.  If you’ve seen one on your favorite program, it’s probably one of ours!

We are happy to support the entertainment community and we are available 7 days a week to work around your production schedule.  We can deliver the dolls to you and pick them up, we can remain on set to assist with handling and we can provide accessories – just ask!  We have also shipped dolls for filming in locations outside of Los Angeles, where we have coordinated with the production crew to have them shipped back.  We’ll work with you to meet your needs, just give us a call or text.

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