Doll vs. Escort


Many men are frustrated with their sex lives and turn to escorts or hookers as an alternative.  But why take chances with an escort if you can obtain a beautiful, high-quality sex doll rental instead?  Let’s look at all the reasons that a doll is better than an escort.

  • An escort probably won’t look anywhere near as attractive as her pictures.
  • An escort may have a bad attitude or provide poor service.
  • An escort may try to upsell you or hustle yours for more money.
  • An escort may rob you or have a pimp who will.
  • An escort may have an STD and you must always use protection.
  • An escort will have a bunch of rules about what you can do or can’t do.
  • An escort can be moody and troublesome.
  • Prostitution is illegal and hiring an escort can get you arrested. Imagine explaining that to your wife, girlfriend or employer.

Compare that with one of our beautiful sex dolls for sale:

  • A doll is always as young, fresh and sexy as the last time, she never ages, gets fat or has bad skin.
  • You can select the perfect doll for you, whether she’s slim or curvy, large breasts, big ass, petite or tall, blonde or brunette, whatever you desire.
  • You can do anything you want with a doll, nothing is off limits and you can get as kinky as you desire.
  • You don’t have to worry about how to behave or act, or meeting any expectations, you can just be yourself. A doll will never reject you or mock you.
  • A doll will never talk back, interrupt you, argue with you or make demands on your time when you are done with her.
  • No gift giving is necessary.
  • A doll is flexible and can be put in many different positions.
  • If you are married or have a girlfriend, a doll is not a person so it’s not cheating. You can sleep with a different “woman” as many times as you want without a guilty conscience.
  • No cheating, no risk of disease, no problems.

Forget looking for an escort online or picking up a hooker off the street, try one of our beautiful sex dolls for yourself instead.  We are located in Los Angeles and we are your premier sex doll rental service in the Los Angeles area.  Our new store is located near LAX, so please call or text us to schedule a visit and stop by.

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