Does Owning a Sex Doll Make Me Weird??

Only as weird as anyone who owns a vibrator, dildo, fleshlight or pocket vagina!  In other words, only as weird as practically everybody else, man or woman. The only difference is that you are getting a bigger, better and much more pleasurable sex toy.  They may own a Honda and you may own a Mercedes, but they are both cars.

For whatever reason, people sometimes have a hard time wrapping their mind around this simple concept.  It’s just a toy and it should be fun, not a source of anxiety.

If you’re still worried that it may make you weird, then here are some simple tips to avoid going off the deep end. 


Obviously, we all pretend she’s real while we’re enjoying the doll, that’s part of the fun. You have this life-sized, “just as heavy” and “just as soft” sex toy and the pleasure you will have with it is amazing.  You will definitely be able to fantasize that she’s a real woman when you’re inside of her.

However, I know even when I’m having sex with it, that it’s a doll, it’s not Stacy or Rachel or Annie, it’s a doll, an amazing sex doll.  That’s it.

I feel like 99% of the weirdness from sex dolls comes when people act like they are real lovers, they eat together and all that stuff.  And most people just don’t go there.  You see it all the time in documentaries, but they just like to sensationalize things by focusing on the fringe groups.  Most everyone I know with a sex doll treats it as just that.  A sex doll.  Not a make believe person that they have conversations with and sit at the dinner table.  haha


Okay, there’s a dark part of us that would like to design a sex doll off someone else, but it’s wrong and if someone found out they would go crazy and rightly so because it falls into the creepier side of things.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, it’s weird making your friend, partner or crush into a sex doll.  Remember, it’s just a toy.  

Vivant Dolls has a great selection of gorgeous dolls with a face and body for everyone, so just pick the one that excites you the most and go with it.


These dolls look real.  If someone were to come into your room and see her lying in your bed (or on your floor if you’re a real slob) it is going to startle them.  They may think it’s a dead body.  Plus, you don’t want to get too attached to the thing, right?  

So find a place to store your doll when not in use.  Whether that is the original cardboard box, under the bed, in a closet or what have you, make sure you have a secure and unobtrusive place to store your doll when not in use.

These dolls are usually 5+ feet and weigh 65+ lbs (up to 120 lbs for curvy dolls) and even though they can be dismantled, it’s a good idea to have a place to store your sex doll before buying.  Vivant Dolls also sells lockable travel cases for its dolls.  They are foam-lined and come with a handle and wheels for easy portability.  It looks like a large travel case and it could have anything from golf clubs to a musical instrument inside of it, they are very discrete.  Just ask us about them.


Women’s clothes are hard for most men, but you want them to complete the sex doll look.  Bra and panties?  Bikini?  Halter top and daisy dukes?  Rocker style?  The sky is the limit and you can do anything you want to complete the look you want.

I used to feel pretty weird buying a thong, bra and some gym pant for my sex doll. Thankfully I just got used to it and women just assume that you are buying for your wife or girlfriend anyway.  Now shopping for my doll and the anticipation of a “new look” is part of the fun.

If you’re shy you can order off Amazon.  You can also get a ton of different wigs there, which can really change the doll’s look.  It’s pretty awesome.

Don’t tell people that don’t need to know, unless they are just as kinky as you and want their own sex doll.  There are a lot of curious people out there, believe me.


Cleaning and maintenance is a huge part of doll ownership.  If you don’t clean that doll it’s eventually going to get, well, pretty funky and that is definitely weird.  Fortunately, Vivant Dolls have a ton of experience cleaning dolls and we answer all of our customer questions with specific advice, including what cleaning tools and products work best and what to avoid.  We have it down to a science.

Besides, you want to protect your investment.  This is a high-end toy that is going to last you years with proper maintenance.


Like I said, a sex doll is no different from a dildo, pocket vagina, vibrator or any other sex toy for that matter.  It’s a fun sexual aid and release for men, women and couples.  Just because TV or documentaries love to sensationalize it doesn’t mean it’s unusual when used by the 99% of people who aren’t weird about it (like you). 

In fact, you are just ahead of the curve.  First there were dildos, then vibrators, then fleshlights and now sex dolls.  It’s just the natural progression of tech and you are an early adopter.  There will always be the critical, judgmental types who resist change, but who cares about them?

In my opinion, in the next 5-10 years owning a sex doll will be as plain vanilla as owning a vibrator or a fleshlight.  Nobody will judge.  The next frontier will be sex robots who talk and even walk . . . can’t wait for those!  haha

The bottom line is that as long as you’re honest and use your sex doll for the right reasons, like sexual release and exploration, there really isn’t anything wrong. It’s freaking awesome and you won’t regret it.

We here at Vivant Dolls do not judge, we do not discriminate, we respect privacy and we understand and support our customers.  Our prices are as low or lower than any other distributor of legitimate products (there are lots of knock-offs out there) so what are you waiting for?  Get your own sex doll today!

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