Bathing With Your Sex Doll

When deciding upon taking your sex doll to the shower or bath with you, the main question is what is your sex doll made out of, TPE or Silicone. There is a major difference between those two materials. 


Regardless of the material used to make your online sex doll, you should clean your doll right after usage. She can sit with you in a lukewarm bath, or take a mild shower with you, however it is recommended that you keep your doll’s head and hair dry. There are special tools required when you are cleaning your dolls head so the less to touch its hair/scalp the better. 


If you are planning on taking hot steamy baths with your sex doll rental, you will need to make sure the doll is made out of silicone. Dolls made of silicone are immensely more resistant to hot water and sterilization. The catch is that silicone dolls are significantly more expensive to buy, although it might be worth every single penny. 


Attempting to take a hot bath with a TPE sex doll for sale could very well cause extensive damage to the frail structure of your doll. Your doll’s physical appearance might change during a hot bath, as materials can easily become very sticky and even melt in extreme circumstances. Any water over the temperature of 95 degrees fahrenheit will begin to melt a TPE doll. The melting damage is irreversible once it has occurred so be extra diligent in finding out your water temperature before soaking your sex doll. Therefore, it is essential to remember that TPE dolls can only be washed with nothing hotter than lukewarm water. 

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