A Customer Describes His First Visit

“I’m bored as hell and horny as hell. I wish I could fuck someone. I’ll check google, maybe there’s an adult store nearby. Viviant-no wait, “Vivant” Dolls? What’s that? I could rent sex dolls? And use them at their place in L.A? Interesting, I’ll keep this in mind.”

Months go by, and the same thoughts resurface, as did my interest In Vivant Dolls. Coincidentally, I was saving up money and just happened to have enough money on myself to rent a doll.

“Fuck it!,” I thought to myself, “I’ll take a shot in the dark and go! How hard can it be?”
With these words, I had finally had the balls to make an appointment. I texted the number on the site and had officially confirmed my appointment!

I was unsure what doll to pick as I simply wouldn’t know what an expensive doll feels like. Jessica? Pamela? Gretchen? My best option was to trust the owner, who had recommended Renee to me. Hell, this dude knows more than me, why shouldn’t I trust him? So I did. I arrived at Vivant dolls through the rear, gated entrance. Never had I been so anxious before, what would happen? It was dark out, however a small light hovered over the rear entrance with a man standing there. That must have been the owner, the same man I set up my appointment with.

“Hello there!”
“Hey, what’s good?” I say.

And just like that, the owner escorts me into the building! Inside, the owner walked me through the building. I was quite surprised, the interior is divided into 3 main pieces. a showroom at the front of the building where dolls are displayed for potential buyers, the bedroom where dolls are fucked and a small area where the owner cleans and maintains the dolls. An unexpected bonus was that In the maintenance area, there was a mini fridge where I was given water, nice! I personally found the small building to be quite charming, it gave me an unexpected homely feeling or was it a horny feeling? Regardless I felt quite comfortable inside.

Inside the bedroom, I saw Renee. She was underneath a heated blanket, with two heating elements inside her vagina and ass. This was done to heat up her body, making her more realistic. She was in a spread eagle position with her legs out, wearing pink-white knee socks and a lace baby-doll dress. I thought Renee looked cute. Her clothes added a layer of realism without providing any downsides.

The owner walked me through the joints of the doll, where the joints are and how to properly move the joints. Inside the room was also a small T.V on the wall. In the bedroom was a small T.V. set to pornhub so I could watch my favorite pornstar while fucking Renee but hell, that’s too much for me. I’d rather focus on actually fucking rather than watching someone else fuck, but I do appreciate the option. Next to the bed was a nightstand where I was given 3 condoms and 6 packets of lube for peace of mind.

“so…what should I know before I fuck a doll?” I ask.
“Just don’t fuck her up. Well, do fuck her but try not to damage her.”
“I…think I can do that.” I respond
“So any more questions? Oh, feel free to turn off the lights as you like.”
“Oh, I see. No, I think I’m good, I think I’m good. Take care!”
”Allright, I’ll let you be. See you.”

Just like that, I was alone in the building full of dolls. I must admit, it was tempting to touch the other dolls, like Jessica or Gretchen, but I chose Renee so I would stick with Renee. I removed her blanket and pulled out her interior heating elements. God, I could Hardly resist tearing my pants off and going to town! Renee was just too sexy! I turned off the lights while keeping on the string of lights over the small bedroom, maintaining a warm, romantic, and yellow glow overhead.

Renee’s body was warm, not identical to a person but certainly enough to add to the realism. Smooth skin, soft breasts, I personally found her body to be very appealing and realistic. Renee’s internal skeleton would hold whatever position I had put her in. Missionary, standing, you name it! The only real limit was to what positions you could set this doll in was your imagination. Enough of complementing her body, was Renee a good fuck? I took off my clothes, lubed up Renee, pushed Renee up onto the bed, keeping her in spread eagle position and went to town! No sex toy I’ve had could have prepared me for this!

First off, her vagina felt wonderful! It did not compare to any male stroker or torso doll I had. I would describe it as follows. Imagine a fleslight with an entrance about 1/4″ wide made of a stiff TPE material. The material does flex and moulds itself around your penis, making a very tight fit yet never uncomfortable. The inside also has ridges, different textures however the texture felt stiffer than the vaginal tube. As a result. The vaginal tube would flex around the penis while the texture would remain stiff. Vaginal sex felt incredible as did anal!

I placed Renee’s ass over the edge of the bed in a doggystyle position and pounded her tight ass! I would describe anal with Renee as feeling very similar to vaginal, even with a similar texture, except her ass was much tighter than her vagina. I found her ass to be very pleasurable, staring down as at that tight ass while pounding her in fantastic. I found Anal to be far more stimulating but far too much for me, I wasn’t gonna hold past 10 minutes but you bet your ass I’m gonna get my money’s worth!

Blowjobs from the doll were also incredible! I set my jacket on the bed, sat Renee over my jacket, and faced fucked her! I would describe it as similar to vaginal but instead of being tighter, the mouth had a far more aggressive texture. I found this to also feel incredible but this was also too stimulating for me…..again.

So I kept it vanilla and placed Renee into her original spread eagle position and kept thrusting into her pussy in missionary as that was the only way I could handle her tight pussy for more than 5 minutes, Renee just felt that good! While a strenuous activity, handling a 50+ lbs sex doll and thrusting, sex with Renee was relaxing. The building was clean, as was the bed and the soft ambience was calming. I was comfortable, I was just able to relax and focus on having sex with Renee.

Trying to not cum was difficult, I kept going. Imagining that Renee was a real girl I was attempting to please. 40 minutes in after trying my damn hardest not to cum, I knew it was time to cum, cum with Renee! If I didn’t, where’s the fun in that? Plus, I was beginning to run out of time. If I paid to use a sex doll, you best believe I’m gonna make sure she makes me cum! This is when I kicked it up a notch and started pounding Renee’s pussy! I held on to the bed and didn’t hold back! I continued to slam my dick into Renee’s pussy, I’m losing my mind now, This feels amazing! I could hardly keep trusting and then I blew, my orgasm hit so hard as my seed poured into Renee’s pussy! That’s the closest I’ve been to heaven!

Time was just about up! I got up, proceeded to clean myself up, disposed of my condom, washed my hands to clean off any lube, dressed myself and left the main building. However, I still wanted to talk to the owner to make sure I didn’t fuck anything up. I found him working out in the garage.

“Hey, what’s good? I’m finished so…now what?” I ask him
“You are good. I’ll take care of everything. You come in, you do your thing and you leave.”
“I don’t even have to do anything? I can just leave once my time is up without even having to tell you? It’s that easy?” I reply
“Yup, it’s that easy.”
“Wow, I’m really impressed! Well, I hope I’ll be able to come back one day! I really appreciate your service, man!” I respond
“Right on, my guy!”

And with that, I leave! It’s literally that simple! I honestly cannot believe it was that easy! Customers literally have to do nothing. Just cum in, cum inside, cum outside! That’s all you gotta do! As a final verdict, I feel I can recommend visiting this establishment. Appointments are easy to make, service is good, dolls are clean and fuckable and it’s a fun experience overall. If you are thinking of making the trip, do it! If you are into fuck toys and sex dolls, I believe you’ll enjoy this!


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