Now Delivering To The Greater Los Angeles Area


1. Is this for real?
Yes.  We discovered that TONS of people are curious about sex dolls, but they don't want to spend a thousand dollars or more to buy a product that they've never seen, touched and experienced. You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it, right?  So we decided to make the experience available to more people by offering short-term and overnight rentals for a reasonable price.  Rent our dolls, which are top of the line, and see for yourself if it's for you.
2.  Are the dolls realistic?
Yes.  We think you'll have trouble distinguishing them from the real thing!  Each doll has a beautiful face, soft skin, and oral, anal and vaginal openings.  You can choose from a variety of hairstyles and clothing options too.  Each doll has fully movable arms and legs, so you can pose her in multiple positions.

3.  How big are the dolls?
Our dolls come in a more petite size of about 145 cm (just under 5'0") and 26 kg (about 55 lbs) and a more lifelike size of about 165 cm (5'5") and 36 kg (about 80 lbs). You can specify which size you would like.  It may be more convenient to start with the petite doll for your first experience - some people are surprised by just how heavy these dolls can be.

4.  How do I get the doll?
We deliver our dolls directly to you in a discrete container that looks like a set of golf clubs.  No one will know what's inside.  Our delivery drivers will respect your privacy, your neighbors and your rules.  We can drop her off on your curb, set her up in your house or anything in between and we will do so quickly and professionally.  Alternatively, if you'd prefer to pick her up yourself, that can be arranged too.
5.  Are the dolls clean?
Absolutely. Each doll is sanitized before and after every delivery with medical grade anti-bacterial soap, air-dried thoroughly and completely, and treated with talcum powder.  In addition, each doll comes with a removable vaginal insert that can be completely replaced with a brand-new insert, purchased at an additional charge (and yours to keep). You are also welcome to inspect and clean the doll yourself (provided that your cleaning products do not damage the doll) and to use any form of additional protection that makes you feel comfortable. 
6.  How much does it cost?
The standard rental rates are listed on our Rentals page for each doll. There is also a non-refundable $20 delivery fee that must be paid at the time of booking, before the delivery is made.
7.  Why is there a delivery fee?
On occasion, a client has canceled a reservation at the last minute. This costs us time and money, so we require a relatively small delivery fee up front.  This tells us that the client is serious and, if something unexpected happens and he has to cancel, at least we recouped our gas money!  It is not a source of profit - we want to deliver the dolls, not have deliveries canceled.
8.  How do I know you're not a scam?
We are a reputable business owned and operated by local Los Angeles residents. Anybody can find us through our ISP or tax records, we're not hiding.  We also run our business on Shopify, not some shady ISP.  We're legit. But if you're still skeptical, just realize that your delivery fee will be paid via credit card.  If we took your money and did not deliver your doll, you could simply contact your credit card company and have the charges reversed.  There is no financial risk to you.  We'd also look like idiots.
9.  Is this legal?
Yes.  We are a doll rental service. It's completely legal to buy or rent a doll, just like any other piece of property. She may look and feel incredible, but she's not a real woman!  (This is not an escort service in disguise or a form of prostitution - it's just a high-quality sex doll available for rent.) 
10.  OK, I want to make a reservation, how does this work?
Make a reservation through the site's calendar system on each doll's rental page, or contact us at 310-893-3561 with your preferred date and time and pay the $20 delivery fee online.  You will receive a payment confirmation through Shopify.  We will also text you back to confirm. At the scheduled time, our courteous driver will arrive with the doll, help you set her up (if desired) and answer any questions you may have.  If you're paying by cash, he'll collect the rental fee.  He'll then leave and he won't return until your time is up.  It's easy, convenient and a great way to try the "sex doll experience" before you decide to purchase.
11.  Will you protect my privacy?
Yes.  We realize that our customers value their privacy and we will never voluntarily share, sell or disclose any personal information.  Our business is conducted through the secure Shopify e-commerce platform and we are also certified by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Ebay, PayPal and Amazon to process online payments.