Deep Cleaning

We thoroughly deep clean each doll with antibacterial soap and hot water, both inside and out, before and after every rental.  We follow a thorough cleaning protocol including the use of gloves, medical forceps and sponges. 

After the deep cleaning, the doll is thoroughly dried both inside and out, with a special emphasis on absorbing all moisture.  We never rent a doll unless it is thoroughly clean and dry and we only rent dolls once per day.

In addition to our deep cleaning protocol, we also strive for maximum cleanliness in additional ways:

Hydrogen Peroxide

We periodically sanitize each of the doll cavities with hydrogen peroxide, which has broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties and is used in labs and hospitals.

UV Light Sanitizer

We treat the dolls internally with a UV light sanitizer wand, which is state-of-the-art for destroying microorganisms and neutralizing any odors.


We encourage everyone who purchases their own doll to follow these steps, too.  We believe our cleaning protocol is unmatched anywhere and our dolls are much cleaner than most people.

For your added protection and peace of mind, we do recommend that you always use a condom if you are enjoying the doll sexually.  While we do our utmost to provide the cleanest possible product, how you use that product is your decision and at your risk.

If the idea of a rental doll does not appeal to you, we are more than happy to sell you a brand-new doll. If you're local, come by our showroom, pick out a doll from our inventory and take her home with you same day; or if she's not in stock or you're not local, just order online (or by text) and we'll have her to you typically in 5-9 business days anywhere in the continental Unites States. 

If you have any concerns whatsoever about the cleanliness of your doll, please call or text us immediately so that we can address it.


Our girls are waiting for you!

What is Incall & Outcall?

INCALL - means you rent the doll here.  We have a safe, private location available just for you. Visit our Showroom page. 

OUTCALL - means you rent the doll at your home or hotel.  You can either pick her up yourself, or our professional driver can bring her to you privately.