Display and Pre-Owned Dolls


I have a selection of unused display dolls, pre-owned dolls and retired rental dolls for sale. Text 310-596-5587 for an appointment to get one.  Why wait, take a doll home today at a discount!  In-store pickup only.  All dolls sold "as is."

1.    Three (3) Ultra-Premium, Custom BBW Dolls - 5'4", 115lbs                 $1,999                    [compare new at $3,400+]

I have three (3) of these models - one with dark blonde pubic hair and one with light blonde pubic hair and one with dark pubic hair. These are some of the best dolls, if not the best dolls, that I have ever seen and touched.  They were custom made for a wealthy collector by the WM/YL doll factory and they have everything you can imagine - huge tits and ass made from the softest TPE on the market (you won't believe how the gel-filled tits jiggle, it's next level) plus either a super realistic silicone head with implanted human hair and eyebrows or a soft TPE head with a usable mouth, your choice. Also with standing feet and articulated fingers on some.  

As an added bonus, there are five (5) total heads so you can either pick the head you want, or for an extra $150 you can also take another head and it's like having two dolls for the price of one.  The doll is pictured below with each of the three silicone heads. Each doll is in excellent condition and was purchased new for almost $4,000.  You're basically getting a Ferrari with under 100 miles for half price.  Make an appointment to come by and see for yourself.  These dolls are selling fast, because they're an amazing deal.


2.  Gretchen model - 5'3", 100lbs           $899     [compare new at $1,899]

This is a retired rental Gretchen, in great shape except for one loose shoulder.

3.  Fannie model - 4'11", 65lbs           $699     [compare new at $1,599]

This is a retired rental Fannie, in great shape just some minor wear and tear on the knees.


4.  Ultra-Premium Torso - approx. 70lbs                    $699   [compare new at $899]

This is a custom made torso in mint condition, practically brand new.  Super soft TPE and very well made, never used by the original owner.  Perfect for someone who wants the size, shape and jiggle of a curvy doll without the extra weight.

5.  Hot Blonde (with an added option)  -  5'2", 75lbs              $699

This doll is very clean, in good condition, and made with extra soft TPE material.  It also has an attachment point for an (optional) penis attachment.  You can use the doll as a female without the attachment, or as a she-male for something new.  The hands and fingers are floppy but other than that the doll is in good condition.



6.  TPE ass             $249

This is a nice quality ass, about 30lbs and jiggly.  Convenient to use and store.

7.  HUGE soft tits               $249

This is a lightly used set of breasts from a small company that is known for making some of the softest TPE material in the world.  You literally have to feel it yourself to believe how soft it is. Approximately 22" across and I have no idea how big the cup size is because it's HUGE.  Purchased new for $600.


8.  Extra Heads                $150

I have a variety of new heads that can fit any standard size doll to create a whole new look, without the cost of buying a new doll.  This one also has a tongue upgrade.


What is Incall & Outcall?

INCALL - means you rent the doll here.  We have a safe, private location available just for you. Visit our Showroom page. 

OUTCALL - means you rent the doll at your home or hotel.  You can either pick her up yourself, or our professional driver can bring her to you privately.