WE ARE LOCATED AT 2813 W. Florence AVE. 90043. OPEN 12PM -10PM. CALL 310-596-5587 FOR APPOINTMENTS

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Why Rent From Us?

Everyone is unique, so there are as many reasons to rent as there are customers. Here are some of the reasons we’ve heard:

  • I have always wanted to try one, now is my chance
  • I want my own doll but I can’t afford her right now
  • I want my own doll but I don’t have room to store her
  • I have a wife/girlfriend and I can’t have her at home
  • I have roommates
  • I’m visiting on vacation
  • This is a perfect way to relieve stress on my lunch break

Whatever your reason, we are here. We are professional, private and non-judgmental. We want you to feel comfortable and satisfied renting with us.

If you’re worried about cleanliness, please don’t be. Cleanliness is our highest priority


2813 W. Florence AVE. 90043