Artificially Intelligent Sex Doll with Touch Sensors, Body Temperature Control, Voice Communication and Facial Expressions

Artificial Intelligence:

She can have conversations with you, both sexual and non-sexual, including moans and dirty talk with facial movement.  She can also connect to the internet over Wi-Fi.

Robotic Head Features:

Her facial expressions can change depending on responses. Animated eyes that can move, blink and wink. Head that tilts and rotates. Mouth that moves while speaking.

Body with Sensors & Heating System:

She has multiple touch sensors that react to your touch with words and moans. Her vaginal sensors react to your level of touch and penetration. Her internal heating system maintains a comfortable human body temperature.  Her advanced "M-TYPE" skin is approximately 2x more elastic and durable than regular TPE and is less prone to skin abrasions or tears.


Choose your customization options below and text or email us your selections.  Our consultant will work with you directly to finalize the order, answer any questions and quote you a final price.
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Vagina Options:
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What is Incall & Outcall?

INCALL - means you rent the doll here.  We have a safe, private location available just for you. Visit our Showroom page. 

OUTCALL - means you rent the doll at your home or hotel.  You can either pick her up yourself, or our professional driver can bring her to you privately.