November 01, 2019 1 min read

Not all sex dolls are created equal.  There are many, many manufacturers out there who use cheap materials and unskilled labor to create knock-offs of other brands.  What this means for consumers is confusion and disappointment.

Avoid Cheap Knock-Offs

For example, sometimes a manufacturer will try to copy the look and feel of another manufacturer's doll, but it doesn't work.  The doll you receive will not look like the beautiful picture on the website so, after waiting weeks for your doll, you are left with disappointment and the struggle to get a refund.

Even if the doll does look like the picture and is cosmetically well-made, it may be poorly constructed.  One of the main problems we have seen from the cheaper manufacturers is that the internal skeleton is defective.  Sometimes a joint is very stiff and difficult to move or, on the other hand, is too loose and flops all over the place.  A new doll should function smoothly and symetrically, with all joints moving together with the same amount of resistance.

Assured Quality

That is why we work on directly with the best manufacturers, to ensure that our dolls are of the highest quality.  We inspect each doll that we receive to make sure it passes our quality control.  We also give our customers advice on care and maintenance, which is often overlooked by online retailers.  That is why we have so many satisfied customers and why you should shop with us!  Please reach out with any questions, our customer service team is always happy to help.  310-596-5587

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What is Incall & Outcall?

INCALL - means you rent the doll here.  We have a safe, private location available just for you. Visit our Showroom page. 

OUTCALL - means you rent the doll at your home or hotel.  You can either pick her up yourself, or our professional driver can bring her to you privately.