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5 Reasons To Buy A Sex Doll

  It doesn’t matter what is your motivation, but you will find that having a real sex doll at home will not only offer you pleasure but also companionship and a lot of fun. For one thing, you will never hear a “No.”  You will never hear complaints or demands like with a human woman. You will be able to try everything that crosses your mind when it crosses your mind, and why not! While you are at it, you will improve your real life sex techniques and maybe restore your confidence in human relationships. And of course, you can pick the doll you like according to your tastes and choose every little detail that you would expect from the...

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Sex Dolls: Are They Legal In The USA?

  Here at Vivant Dolls, we can guarantee that all of our sex dolls are completely legal to buy or rent. We always keep customer safety in mind and we would never put you (or us) in risk of legal trouble. In fact, sex dolls are legal in the USA with the only possible exception of “child” sex dolls, which we would never offer anyway. This is why we strongly recommend buying (or renting, remember that we are the world’s first rental service!) sex dolls from us or any prestigious seller.   In case you're not clear, this is not an escort service in disguise or a form of prostitution - it's simply a high-quality sex doll available for purchase or rental.  Sex...

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Sex Dolls: Are They Safe For Humans?

  The Sex Dolls industry has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years. From being taboo or stigma at the beginning (and people feeling afraid of talking about them in public), sales have increased worldwide and social acceptance is now a reality.   Quality, material and design are the three basic safety considerations you should be aware of. Of course, buying from us, you will get them all. If you are planning to buy from another seller, please check who they are. As we have said before, we are the world’s first rental service, so we know what we are doing. We thoroughly deep clean each doll with antibacterial soap and water, both inside and out, before and after every...

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